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What is the Difference Between Maintenance and Repair

All repair work should only be completed by a fully qualified mechanic, however there are some maintenance tasks that you can perform between services to ensure crucial parts of your vehicle operate correctly, avoids costly repairs and don't get you in trouble with the law.

The guys at Payneham Automotive will always check the following during your service, however you may want to keep an eye on the following between services:

  • Check oil (engine and transmission) and coolant level. This applies to both new and old cars and can be costly if fluid is not maintained.

  • Check wiper fluid level and wiper blades. Wiper fluid is often overlooked until you need it! Keep an eye on the level to ensure you have enough in the reservoir and that your wiper blades are cleaning correctly.

  • Check tyre pressure - too low and it can increase fuel consumption, wear out tyres, and can affect turning or braking. If too high and exceed maximum pressure, can blow out. Max pressure is usually written on side of tyre. Also check the tread depth while you're there.

  • Check your head-lights, tail-lights, and indicators. If not operational, may be costly if picked up police.

  • Check for any dash/instrument warning lights. If your spot something unusual, contact Payneham Automotive as soon as possible to determine the cause and whether it requires immediate attention or can wait until your next service.

Service Warranty

Peace of mind should not cost any extra...

When one of our mechanics services or repairs your vehicle, you'll not only be assured of expert service and support but also peace of mind in knowing all work is guaranteed through our nationwide warranty in the unlikely event of a product and/or repair failure.